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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs and Chimney Re-Pointing

Repairing your roof when required is the best way to avoid a complete replacement. If you think there may be a problem, don’t delay, call us for an expert opinion and a free no obligation quote should work be required.

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What to look for:

Signs of Water Damage- Water damage is often the clearest sign of a failing roof. Watermarks, damp patches, mould and mildew can sometimes be mistakenly blamed on poor ventilation, but these symptoms can also be caused by a roof in need of repair. Water can penetrate a property from the small hole or crack that often is difficult to detect.

Go into your loft and look for sagging or bowed parts of the roof, if you can see daylight through your roof tiles or watermarks on the rafters then it’s likely that your roof is in need of repair.

From the outside of your property look for missing roof tiles and check the guttering for tile parts and granular materials.

If you notice any of these occurring there is a problem that needs to be dealt with straight away. A missing tile during a period of dry weather should never be ignored, as when it rains the problem will be compounded. Problems with your chimney?

Over time, weathering and decay can cause voids in the joints between the bricks which can allow water to penetrate and cause significant damage. Don’t ignore signs of cracking on your chimney, it can prove very costly. Call Sunningdale & Wentworth Roofing for expert advice and a free, no obligation quote.

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