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New Roofs

New Roof Installations

If patch repairs are frequently required and your roof is showing signs of deterioration it may be worth considering a new roof. Over time your roof edges can be prone to gaping, which causes leaks and subsequently more damage to your property.

If you think your roof may need re-covering, don’t worry Sunningdale and Wentworth Roofing can replace roofs at very competitive prices. To find out whether your roof can be repaired, replaced in sections or if re-covering would be the better option, please contact us. We are happy to provide free expert advice and a detailed analysis of the condition of your roof without obligation.

New installations by Sunningdale and Wentworth Roofing are guaranteed and you can be assured of the highest quality workmanship.

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Tile or Slate?

Tiled roofs are most suited to modern homes. Available in a range of styles and colours tiled roofs are long lasting and require very little maintenance, slate roofing meanwhile is more expensive but it looks very natural and can be laid out in a variety of patterns.

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We realise replacing your roof is a substantial purchase, and naturally you need to have the utmost confidence in the company you entrust to carry out the works. You’ll be pleased to know there are over 140 reviews of our work - you can read the opinions of our customers online at: CheckaTrade

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