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    We have over 35 years experience in all aspects of roofing and repairs

Lead Work

Lead Work

At Sunningdale and Wentworth Roofing we carry out all types of brickwork walls, fencing and repairs.

Sunningdale and Wentworth Roofing carry out all aspects of leadwork on flat and pitched roofs including flashings, box gutters and valleys, capping, dormer windows and turrets.

Lead is a unique material that can be formed into any desired shape and is incredibly durable. Lead creates the most stylish of roofs, if you’re looking for waterproofing, style and durability then look no further than lead.

Whilst a lead roof will cost a little more than a felt or asphalt to install, there are no further maintenance costs, making it considerably cheaper in the long run. Environmentally friendly

When lead flashing or lead box guttering is used on a roof the lead is likely to be much older than the house it’s attached to as it’s almost 100% recyclable

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